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Here we offer you the answers to the most frequent questions about our service of web design and online marketing.

There is no reason why a customer should have in depth knowledge about the Internet or setting up a website.

Leave it to Mediaelx. We offer you our consulting department which will help and advise every step of the way.

The domain name is like your telephone number on the Internet, and it is absolutely necessary in order to have a website. It is recommended to choose a domain name as similar as possible to the name of your company or the product you offer. This also makes it good business sense to register and protect your name even though you haven’t got your own website so that others cannot make use of it.

Very important: Under the Internet protocol, the first person to register a domain name is its owner. It is not required to have any legal association with the name.

Call us or send us an email. We will check the availability and we will take care of the formalities.

Of course! Furthermore we will assist you to use it with your new website.

If you already have a domain name and you want to have everything centralised under one supplier, Mediaelx will support you during the process of transfer of the domain name. Of course this domain name will always remain your property.

When you surf the Internet you will find a great difference between prices to buy a domain name. Sometimes the cheaper domain names do not even let you use them. They are useful for keeping your name but they are not functional, unless you pay more money.

Unfortunately the free services are usually no better than those working under subscription, and even less in the case of an email account. The free email accounts apart from taking the name of another company (Hotmail, Yahoo, Terra, etc.) are slower, contain junk mails and sometimes it is not possible to install them in Outlook Express. They are also restricted by download quota and do not offer a professional image for your company.

The server is the quantity of space provided in the computer where the website will be placed. It is essential for you to have a website and a customised email address. As it is for email accounts, there is also a big difference between free servers and those under subscription. The free servers are usually much slower, don’t offer a guarantee of continued service, and in the case of businesses, you have the worry of advertising and junk mails appearing on your site.

For your website to be successful, it is essential that it appears on the larger search engines (Google, Yahoo, Terra, Wanadoo, AltaVista, etc). Mediaelx programs the website with this intention, but nowadays, due to the great competition in almost all sectors, it is necessary to make additional tasks focused on the optimisation and positioning of your website on the search engines.

Whenever you wish, Mediaelx will support you in completing all these tasks.

We cannot answer this question with a 100% certainty, but according to our extensive experience, it won’t appear for several months. This outcome cannot not driven by anyone, since each search engine applies its own standards and rules, and they are the only ones that can decide when and where a website is displayed.

If you already have a website and you are do not appear in the search engines, it is either an issue of time, or your website has not been set up to follow the standards and norms of programming. However, if your website still does not appear, despite fulfilling the previous requirements, it is most certainly due to the great competition existing on the Internet. For this reason, Mediaelx offers you a professional service specialising in positioning in the search engines.

On many occasions websites do not work at the appropriate speed, and this is almost always due to the fact that they have not been programmed by professionals, and because they do not following the technical specifications established by regulatory organisations such as W3C ( Keep in mind that frequently the slowness of the download speed is caused by your Internet provider.

In Mediaelx we know that it is very important that a customer has their product ready as soon as possible and within the agreed deadline. For that reason, we can absolutely assure you that you will have your website within the agreed deadline and without any delay.


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